All residents of the 54th deserve the best quality of life we can give them.  Glen is committed to quality neighborhoods, where our kids can play safely. Quality schools, where our kids can learn safely.

Glen will work with State, County, and local officials to see that the 54thAD get their fair share of resources.

Improved public safety; both Police and Fire are PRIORITY ONE for Glen.  Safe school campuses from Elementary to High School is PRIORITY ONE for Glen.

Glen wants to work with you in his quest to make the 54th AD even better than it is today.

“Public Safety and Crime Reduction”

Glen is committed to improving public safety for all residents in the 54th AD.

Neighborhood Policing improved and expanded School Policing are the cornerstone of public safety in the 54th.

Glen is committed to seeing that resources to assist the LAPD in expanding “Community Policing” are implemented.

Glen’s view of crime is simple; “Don’t do the crime, if you won’t serve the time”.  Glen is opposed to the current trend of early release, reduced sentences and increased use of probation.

We need to get the criminals off our streets and out of our neighborhoods if we want to see all enjoy the fruits of their labor in safe neighborhoods.

“Development and Traffic”

Glen is committed to maintaining and improving the quality of our roads, streets, and sidewalks.  We must put an end to the senseless out of control development that is continuing to clog and congest our neighborhood.

Glen wants to see an end to High-Speed Rail in California and wants to see those dollars now wasted, redirected to improve traffic times right here in the 54th.