About Glen Ratcliff

Glen Ratcliff was born and reared right here on the Westside.  He is a true “Native Son”

Growing up here on the Westside of Los Angeles was a fun and challenging experience. Glen attended Overland Ave. Elementary School, then Emerson Junior High, finally graduating from University High.  Good ol’ Uni is near and dear to Glen’s heart. His father graduated from there in 1932, as well as all of his dad’s siblings, as did all of Glen’s brothers. Glen is committed to seeing that every child in California gets the same benefit of a quality education that he was given.

From Uni High, Glen then attended Pepperdine University, the same school as the late, great Kenny Hahn, Glen learned the importance of public service and helping others.

Glen is committed to serving the residents of the 54th, and the people of California.

We need to work together to ensure that all will have the same bright future that we all yearn for.